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Best Nike trainers: 8 styles that fitness experts *love*

Updated: Mar 25

Best Nike trainers: 8 styles that fitness experts *love*

Nike is the best loved trainer brand for a reason…

On the hunt for a pair of the best gym trainers(opens in new tab)? Scrolling our edit of the best Nike trainers is a good place to start. Not only are they regarded as some of the best running shoes in the world, but they have some pretty well-loved lifestyle options, too.

Haven't read the book Shoe Dog by the founder of Nike, Phil Knight? Let us quickly fill you in. Founded in 1964 selling running trainers, Nike is now the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, catering to sports including tennis, weight lifting, and dancing. In 2020, the brand made over £30.7 billion in sales so, yep — it's pretty iconic.

With brand ambassadors including Serena Williams and Dina Asher-Smith, you know that the quality is athlete-approved. In fact, Eliud Kipchoge's broke his first sub-two-hour marathon in Nike trainers. If they're good enough for the fastest marathoner that's ever lived, we bet they'll get you through your workouts.

But Nike has so much kit for so many different types of sports, including the best weightlifting shoes and best crosstraining shoes as well as different body and foot types and price points, so how do you know what the best Nike trainers are?


Well, I'm here with recommendations. Not only from myself — Chloe Gray, a health and fitness writer who has tried my fair share of trainers — but also from my favourite fitness experts and athletes. The expert panel includes:

· Ally Head, health and sustainability editor at Marie Claire UK

· Lucy Campbell, CrossFit Games Athlete and Fittest Woman in the UK 2022

· Aimee Cringle, professional CrossFit Athlete

· Nancy Best, personal trainer and founder of Ladies Who Crunch

· Dottie Fildes, personal trainer and founder of True Escapes

· Elouise Millard, personal trainer and coach at Third Space

· Nicky Simbotin, personal trainer from Crazy Nutrition

What to look for when shopping for Nike trainers:

· Your sport: the best shoes for weightlifters will be different than the best shoes for cross training, and so on. Choose your shoe according to sport first and foremost for safety and comfort.

· Your style: Nike has loads of different shoe styles, from chunky to light and statement to classic.

· Your shoe type: this is especially true when it comes to running, as your arches, pronation and foot strike will determine the shape of shoe you need.

· Your price point: Nike caters for a variety of budgets, from affordable essentials to technical trainers. Budgeting is really important, so set your price before you shop.

Best Nike shoes: 8 top picks

Nike Metcons

"I spend a lot of time in these shoes as a CrossFit athlete," says Lucy Campbell. I need trainers that support me to perform a lot of different movements and Metcons are a very versatile shoe. A big portion of my sport involves weightlifting and Nike Metcons are one of the most stable training shoes you can find that aren’t sport-specific shoes. Their heels are slightly elevated, which makes it easier to get into a squat by improving your ankle’s range of motion and allowing your knees to track further over your toes. They also have a rope guard on the inside of the shoe to protect them when performing rope climbs."

Best adds: "These are the best foundations of strength training. They are supportive for your ankles, without overly cushioning your arches and ensuring you can grip properly for compound movements like deadlifts. I also love how easy they are to shove into your gym bag — not too bulky and super light to carry."


Nike Pegasus

"If I’m running a 5K or more, these trainers work well for me," says Campbell. "They provide the right amount of cushioning and support, but remember that everyone's feet are different and we need different things from our running shoes."


Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT %

"I wore these for the London Marathon in 2021 and the Chicago Marathon in 2022 — so I really trust these trainers. Light, springy, and cushioned, supportive and stable, they live up to their name of being a racing powerhouse," says Head.


Nike React

"These shoes have been a life changer for me," says Simbotin. "Long hours of cardio just felt so much easier with the right trainers and these are super light on your feet and comfortable which makes them so great for running. They're the perfect addition to your gym wardrobe if you plan on doing cardio.”


Nike React Pegasus Trail 4

"If I’m walking or trail running, these are my go-to Nike trainers as they are so comfortable and provide good grip, perfect if you’re walking or running somewhere off-road," says Cringle.

Fildes adds: "These are one of the GOATs for water resistant running plus super comfy."


Nike Metcon Free 4

"I love how versatile these are for training mixed modalities," says Millard. "They give me the support I need when I’m lifting but are perfect for running intervals on the tread, plyometric exercises and agility work so you don't need to change shoes mid-session."


Nike Tanjun trainers

After wearing these every single day for at least two years — for HIIT sessions in the gym, walks around the park and 5K runs — it's safe to say they're a reliable and high-quality favourite of mine.


Nike Blazer

"I live in my baby pink suede Blaze — Nike is the perfect blend of feminine and fun, which is exactly the vibe I go for on the gym floor to pair function and fashion," says Le Seve.


The comfiest Nike trainers depend on your feet. If you are someone who loves a spongey run and has a neutral gait, then you'll love the ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT %. If you and your feet prefer a more airy shoe, then you can't go wrong with the Tanjun trainer. For day-to-day wear, the Nike Air Force 1s have a rep for comfort.

The good news is that pretty much every Nike shoe is comfortable, so rest assured that you'll feel good in your pair.


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