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Nancy Best Training


Are you ready to feel fitter, stronger and more confident?

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Ladies Who Crunch

The online fitness programme built for women fitting training around what really matters.

Welcome to a community of women running the world, with big jobs and busy lives.


Training fits around the bigger, more important stuff, like time with family and friends.


Lifting weights is a powerful pause in the day, to build strength and confidence to tackle everything else life throws at us.

Ladies who crunch weight lifting with Nancy Best

Train to lift up other women

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In 2020 NBT supported 12 female-focused charities both locally and internationally.

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Empowering, supportive & built for real life

Whether you've never picked up a dumbbell, or you've been lifting heavy for years - expect to be welcomed, challenged and inspired by the breadth of content available in this online strength training programme.


Training should be a highlight of your week, leaving you feeling empowered, not exhausted. 

You won't see a leaderboard or list of PBs. We champion and support everyone in our gang. Whether you join the live workout or train on demand, each session is designed to push you at YOUR level. 

Precious time is not wasted on weighing out food or tracking macros. Expect nutrition content built for real life - find out what to grab at Pret, or which Waitrose ready meals you need for those Sunday evening saviours. 

Training sustainably relies on a holistic approach that goes deeper than your workout.


Every month, you'll be invited to embrace a mental health challenge that will help you feel stronger inside and out. 

Ladies who crunch recommendation for online fitness community for women


Ladies Who Crunch is so wonderful! I love all of the thoughtful prompts and food hacks…I feel really motivated



Ladies who crunch online training session with Nancy Best

Built for women fitting training around what really matters.


Hello! Thanks for stopping by

You’ll find out more about how I can help you feel your best and hear from some of the incredible women I coach.

I founded my female fitness business because I wanted to help busy women find mental strength and confidence through training.


I spent my early career working for large corporates, so I know how challenging it can be to look after yourself when you're juggling ALOT of other plates!


My ethos is different to lots of the voices in the industry. I won't tell you to count your calories, track your weight on the scales or train 'hard' five times a week. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, looking to maintain strength in your pregnancy, or just want to have more ‘you’ time, my priority is focusing on the holistic benefits of training and looking after your gorgeous bod, inside and out.


I coach badass women through my bespoke 360 programme, own a female only training studio in London and serve the Ladies Who Crunch online community.


I'd love to welcome you into our gang!

Ladies who crunch founder Nancy Best in London
Nancy Best Training
Nancy Best Training


What my girls say...

Nancy Best Training
Nancy Best Training

‘I am so grateful for your incredible coaching. You just make things so fun and do-able’


‘You have completely transformed my fitness. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you’



‘You have taken me from being petrified of all exercise to comfortable and confident’




Ready to level up?

Kit list

Wherever you’re training, make sure you've got access to some resistance bands & a pair of medium dumbbells at a minimum. 


Not sure what weights to go for? I can help advise you before you join us.


Bump babe or new mama?
You’re in good company!


The priority is training safely and intuitively - all of the strength workouts at the start of the week are suitable for pre & post natal members.


Make sure you're doing lots of mobility too - all of the 'Saturday Stretch' & 'Friday Flows' will feel great - check out the descriptions so you can choose something to suit your energy level. 


Plus you’ll have access to a huge on-demand library of workouts to fit around your schedule, as well as guides on essentials like pelvic floor training!


Diary pretty full?

You’re busy spinning a lot of plates and training needs to fit around your schedule.


All of the workouts are available on demand, after the live slot, so you can catch up at a time that suits you, in total privacy.


How do I know what's what?

All of the content has a ‘tag’ - look at the phrase bottom left underneath the video - click on the tag to find similar workouts and guides.

Ladies who crunch online weight lifting programme

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